What is the mission of The Christian Giving Circle, Inc. (CGC)?

The mission of the CGC is to make a difference in the lives of individuals and/or families located in Maryland, through the provision of monetary and non- monetary assistance and resources.

When and why was CGC started?

CGC was founded in 2005 by Paulette G. Davis. She always had a passion for helping people, but she did not know how to direct her feelings into action. Finally she decided, if several people combined their monies and talents more could be accomplished.

Why is CGC different from other charitable organizations?

CGC provides assistance or services to residents of Maryland for some of those little things in life that cause tremendous difficulties when they are lacking. Members know exactly where their money goes. Our goal is to give immediate assistance when possible.

How often does CGC meet?

CGC does not have scheduled meetings. Most decisions are made through e-mail.

What is your financial obligation?

Members give $65.00 annually. The money can be given in increments of $5.00 monthly or however the person chooses. The total amount must be contributed by December 31 of the year you join. This will allow you to have voting privileges. CGC accepts donations in any amount.

Can non-financial people attend meetings?

No, CGC only allows financial members to attend meetings. Our meetings are closed.

Who is eligible to join CGC?

Any female who is at least 18 years old is eligible. They must have a desire to assist people in need. They must be willing to contribute $65.00 annually and participate in a service project.

What is a service project?

Service projects can be preparing gifts for a nursing home or painting a room for a disabled person. There are many ways that CGC can be of service to someone in need. CGC may even stock someone’s pantry as a service project.

Do I have to participate in every service project?

Members do not have to participate in every service project. You participate when your heart and comfort level leads you.

Is CGC a non profit organization?

Yes, CGC is a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization.

Who receives assistance from CGC?

CGC extends assistance to any family or individual in Prince George’s County Maryland regardless of his or her religious beliefs, gender, race or ethnic background. CGC must determine the urgency of the need. We cannot assist everyone. All assistance is not monetarily. CGC may also give referrals.

How do I become a member in CGC?

When you decide to join CGC, e-mail Nicole Shifflett at

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